Sunday, March 4, 2012


You, O Lord, are utterly indescribable - ineffable.
Beyond the scope of my most profound imaginings.
I praise You with my tongue, Lord -
But somehow the words that come from my lips just aren't enough -
They're not enough to thank You,
To express my love for You,
To embrace You.
But I offer my words to You -
Because if I can just articulate this passion within me,
This fire that smolders in my heart,
Then my voice might just be pleasing to You.
My words might just proclaim that Your Kingdom isn't locked in the past.
It's not locked in the future.
It is here. It is now. And it is real.
It is LOVE, O Lord.
You are Love -
Pure, true deep, matchless, indescribable, ineffable Love.
May I love you not with my words, O Lord,
But with my life.
With my heart.
With my soul.

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