Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Delicious Local Lunch

I hope everyone has had a relaxing weekend! It has been a pretty busy one for me, but after lots of driving and family time, I am finally settled back in Athens and ready to face the week! No matter what craziness it may bring!

Today started off with a great morning at church with my mom. After a long week, I think we both needed to kind of push the "reset" button and refocus our attention on God. It is so easy to allow things to distract us from listening and praying to Him ceaselessly, but the truth is that He has promises and plans for everyone and we can't allow little roadblocks to make us forget! This Sunday, it was nice to remember and celebrate those promises and to set the tone for what is going to be a fantastic week. I just know it!

We headed back to Athens after church and decided to head to a lunch spot that we have never tried before: The Local Jam. This little restaurant was a lot of fun!

The atmosphere was really quaint and unique! An Allman Brothers vinyl record playing (and I knew it was a real vinyl record!) in the background added a sort of retro feel. And simple but whimsical touches like the paper flowers on the table made the restaurant feel very... well... local. Ha! I loved it!

Even though I didn't try any of the homemade bread and jam this time around, I was impressed by their unique daily homemade jam offerings (yes, that says "raspberry jalapeno" in the bottom right corner... what a combination!). I absolutely plan to be adventurous and try some of these out in the near future.

My mom kept it simple by ordering a pancake and two eggs scrambled with cheese. Looked delicious to me!

And I ordered the egg skillet with three eggs, mushrooms, spinach, and onions and a side of fruit.

This scramble was simple but just what I was hoping for. I loved that the eggs came to the table still in the skillet - it kind of gave it a more homemade feel. And the fruit and veggies were incredibly fresh! It made me look forward even more to summer and spring, when all of my favorite produce will be back in season :)

Overall, it was an awesome afternoon with awesome food. More importantly, I had the perfect company. We spent the rest of the afternoon exploring Athens in the sunshine... definitely my idea of a successful Sunday!

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